Technology makes life better,
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Multiple majors learning experience always offer me different views to my work. With very general aptitude, but great interest, I enjoy my study and research work. I really feel I'm a luck guy to be in this great age, in which the science and technology are considered cool and great. My work is applying computer and sensor technologies to solve engineering problems, primarily focusing on automation in construation, safety management in construction industry.

Recent Work

Computer Vision-based Construction Components Detection

The construction components are recognized as the environment indicators.

Multi-sources Fusion based Environment Factors Learning Free Indoor Localization

The advantages are integrated by the proposed multi-sources fusion.

Exploring the Quantitative Impact of Localization Accuracy on Localization-based Safety Monitoring’s Performance

The Monte Carlo sampling is used to establish a localization results simulation model. Through the simulation, the impact of localization error on the decision-makeing procedure is evaluated.

Computer Aided Automatical Posture Coding

A body parts' relative position-based coding scheme is designed to fulfill the gap between tha manually and automatically posture coding.

Proactive workers' safety risk evaluation framework based on position and posture data fusion

The posture and position information are fused to represent the status of the workers' behaviors.

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